Marcel Khalifa and Firas Ibrahim are in stable condition

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Nov 13, 2010

Damascus (SANA) – Medical sources at the French Hospital in Damascus confirmed that the actor Firas Ibrahim is in a stable condition after undergoing a surgery that fixed some fractures in his legs and right arm.

The Syrian Actor Firas Ibrahim and the Lebanese Singer Marcel Khalifa sustained some bruises in a traffic accident in Syria on Thursday.

« Everything is getting better thanks to the care we receive, » Khalifa told SANA.

« We were in Jordan to meet the family of the deceased poet Mahmoud Darwish for the bio-series detailing his life as I compose the lyrics and musical melodies, » Khalifa added.

Khalifa narrated the circumstances of the accident, saying: « On our way back home, something went wrong in a car coming in the opposite direction when one of its wheels exploded, which led to a collision. Our car crashed and we only managed to get out with difficulty. »

He added that Actor Ibrahim underwent a successful surgery, and that there is no threat to his life, thanking all who rushed to check up on their condition.

M. Ismael/Mazen

Source: SANA